Oasis Scholarship 2021


Oasis organization is a funnel through which many scholarship opportunities are presented by the West Bengal government. The concerned authorities launched the West Bengal Oasis Scholarship through which the students who belong to the scheduled caste and the scheduled tribe of the West Bengal state can apply. It is also said that the scholarships are open to OBC castes.

Backward classes welfare department and tribal development department are currently operating this. The West Bengal government not only disburses sponsorships to the meritorious students from SC, ST and OBC sections but also provides them high-class education opportunities. This is a great initiative taken towards post-matric(PG, UG and diploma)and pre-matric level( 9th and 10 the class) of studies.

Oasis Scholarship Portal http://www.oasis.gov.in

Important Dates to check out of Oasis Scholarship

Scholarship name Important Dates
Pre-matric scholarship for SC students May to November
Pre-matric scholarship for ST students May to November
Post-matric scholarship for SC/ST students May to November
Post-matric scholarship for OBC students May to November

 Eligibility criteria to avail Oasis scholarship

In order to avail Oasis scholarship, the applicant must fulfil certain eligibility conditions.

First off you must be a permanent resident of West Bengal state.

Oasis Scholarships eligibility criteria

1.Pre-matric scholarship for SC students

Eligibility :

  • 9 th and 10 th SC category students are only eligible.
  • The income of the family or guardian shouldn’t be more than 2L INR per annum (including   all sources)

2.Pre-matric scholarship for ST students


  • Applicable to only ST category students.
  • Class 9th and 10th students are only eligible to apply.
  • The income of the family or guardian shouldn’t exceed 2L INR (including all sources).

3.Post-matric scholarship for SC/ST students


  • Applicable to only SC/ST post-secondary or post-matriculation level students.
  • The income of the parents or guardian shouldn’t exceed 2.5L INR per annum (including all sources).

4.Post-matric scholarship for OBC students

  • OBC post-secondary level students are only applicable.
  • The income of the family or guardian shouldn’t exceed 1L INR per annum(including all sources).

Oasis scholarship – Rewards

Depending upon the class you are now studying, the rewards are variable. The selection procedure does take into consideration of your financial need and academic merit. The only thing that differs is the scholarship amount that you receive based on your class. Take a look into the rewards that you can obtain through this Oasis scholarship.

Note: Only after your application gets verified successfully, the scholarship amount gets disbursed.

S.No. Scholarship name Reward for Day Scholars Reward for Hostellers
1. Pre-matric scholarship for SC students INR Adhoc grant of INR 750/annum +

150/month for 10 months

Adhoc grant of INR 1,000/annum +INR 750/ month for 10 months .
2. Pre-matric scholarship for ST students Adhoc grant of INR 750/annum +

INR 150/month for 10 months

Adhoc grant of INR 1,000/annum +

INR 750/month for 10 months

3. Post-matric scholarship for SC/ST students Up to INR 550/ month-maintenance allowance  Up to INR 1200/ month-Maintenance allowance
For  BSc (Agri)/ medical/ engineering/ LLM / MPhil/ PhD students INR 550/month INR 1,200/month
For  Hotel Management courses/LLB/B.Pharm/ B.Nursing/ PG/ etc. INR 530/ month INR 820/month
Up to graduate level- general courses  300 INR/month INR 750 INR/ month
Class 11 and 12  students into  courses like IIT or Polytechnic. 230 INR/month 750 INR/month
Post-matric scholarship for OBC students Up to 350 INR/month maintenance allowance  Up to 750 INR/ month Maintenance allowance
For BSc (Agri)/medical/ PhD/engineering/ MPhil/ LLM students INR 350 per month INR 750 per month
For B.Nursing/ PG/B.Pharm/ LLB/ Hotel Management courses and many more. INR 335/month INR 510/month
For general courses up to graduate level INR 210/month INR 400/month
Class 11 and 12 inter courses/  ITI /Polytechnic courses. INR 160/month INR 260/month

Oasis scholarship – Application process

By following the given process, you can apply successfully through the Oasis scholarship portal. This application procedure applies to any type of scholarship.

Step 1:Registration

  • You have to visit the Oasis’s official website.
  • You have to hog onto the students ‘ corner and then select “Student’s registration.”
  • You will be redirected to a page wherein caste certificate verification is done. All the required details to be filled in and then submit it.
  • Then fill in all the necessary details on the online registration page displayed and submit it.

            Step 2:Login

  • After completing the above-said process, you have to log in to your account in Oasis by entering your permanent User id and password.
  • This information can be downloaded by pressing the “Download login information/acknowledgment slip” button.
  • After you are logged in, fill in the asked details and your bank information with utmost care. On completion of this, select the “Save and Proceed ” option.

Step3:Locking your Oasis application

  • In order to lock all the information that you have filled in by following the above steps, you have to click the “Verify and Lock ” option.
  • Once you finish this, you cannot further make any changes to the information.So enter the information carefully.

             Step 4:Printing the application

  • Select the “Download Application Form” option to obtain your computer generated application form copy.

Step 5:Printed application submitted

  • You have to submit the filled application form attaching the necessary documents to the concerned BOD or PO cum DWO.
  • BOD is for For Block area submit to BOD and for municipal corporation submit to PO cum DWO.

Documents to be attached:

  • Photograph of yours which is recently stamped.
  • Your attested copy of the caste certificate/acknowledgment slip.
  • Your attested copy of the mark sheet and your last examination passed.

Contact details: In case of any query regarding scholarship information and application, please contact Oasis helpline number – +91-8420023311.

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